My biggest priority on County Council will be giving a voice to YOU, the residents of Dorchester County! There are plenty of things to work on in the county—improving our roadways, expanding educational opportunities, protecting our natural resources, attracting businesses, and more. Growth is inevitable but must be done in a sustainable manner, something I feel our County Council sometimes misses the mark on. As I explore Dorchester County and speak with residents from all walks of life, one theme resonates over and over, that is continued overdevelopment without ensuring balanced infrastructures are in place.

When elected, I promise to listen to residents and represent YOUR interests to County Council. I’ve watched enough council meetings to learn that while they may hear residents’ requests, the actions taken by council do not always reflect those interests. I vow to vote in a way that represents all residents of Dorchester County. We’ve been told by County Council that “We hear you,” but actions speak louder than “heards.”


We must protect our centuries-old habitats from over development.

Dorchester County is home to endless natural treasures, including the Ashley River, cypress swamps, marshes, and more. Historic lands dating back to pre-colonial, even prehistoric times, regularly yield fossils, artifacts, grave sites, and other hidden gems just waiting to be unearthed.

Over development threatens the natural watersheds and exacerbates flooding problems. The Dorchester County Comprehensive Plan describes how our “Riparian systems struggle with increased volumes of stormwater generated by expanding imperviousness, while rural character is threatened by opportunistic sprawl.”

New development, including changes to current development, must adhere to current standards. DHEC, USA COE, historic and environmental groups should be consulted prior to shovels hitting dirt.


Sustainable growth is a responsibility. We must require adequate infrastructure planning BEFORE development begins.

This is a beautiful place to live with friendly faces and good times for all. It’s no wonder that Dorchester County is among the fastest growing counties in South Carolina. We must act today to protect tomorrow for future generations.

With growth comes responsibility to manage that growth in a manner which balances housing needs with the resources and infrastructure to support these growing communities. This includes proper traffic controls, emergency services, utilities, commercial and recreational spaces.

County Council has had many successes, such as the new Ashley River Park, but also its share of failures when it comes to over-development at the expense of local communities. I wish to expand the number of success stories and not repeat the failures of the past.


I’d rather share a hard truth today than hypocritical excuses tomorrow.

Responsible government listens to the constituents who live, work, and play in Dorchester County. It should operate with integrity and transparency. Say what you plan to do, then do it.

My experience in working with local governments across the country over the years has shown me how often plans are hidden from the public eye until it’s too late for anyone to change course, usually for fear of backlash from residents. I prefer to share the truth with everyone, set expectations and let every opinion be heard. If there’s backlash, then perhaps the plan is bad and should be taken back to the drawing table.

I believe the best solutions are derived by giving everyone a seat at the decision making table, communicating plans and the reasoning for it from beginning to end. People are a more forgiving if you simply set expectations and share the WHY behind the plan.


Expanding schools and empowering local districts and teachers to do what is best for students is best for the community.

Over the years my three children have been in DD2 schools I witnessed the constant struggle between County Council and the School Board, often over budget, land, and other resources. I’ve spoken with several school board members who wish their relationship with County Council were better. As a father of three I vow to listen more to our front line teachers and school boards and work to improve working relationships and communication in order to build a better tomorrow for our students.

In an increasingly technical and remote workforce we must also expand and improve our schools’ digital resources for both students and teachers alike. There is great opportunity to create local technology hubs and provide resources and support for underprivileged students. Every child should be given the same opportunity to succeed regardless of income or circumstance.


Those who served our country should never have to struggle to receive the benefits they earned.

As a Gulf War Veteran, I know all too well how the benefits promised our military can be difficult to access. The complexities of the VA care network is difficult to navigate and valid disability claims are far too often denied. Together we can expand Veteran education and outreach to connect Veterans with the resources and benefits they’ve earned. Dorchester County can partner with area Veteran cause nonprofits to help with funding, housing, transportation, and other needs.

I have volunteered with several Veterans groups over the years, helping deliver meals, clothing, and connecting Veterans with the information needed to obtain the care they earned and deserve. I lead a Veteran affinity group at my company where we help Veterans transition from military careers to the corporate world. I hope to share this experience with all Dorchester County Veterans and their families.


I will bring a fresh face to County Council, new ideas from an everyday resident without connections to the housing and development industries.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here because there’s no sugar-coated way to put this. If you live in South Carolina long enough you know about the “good old boy network” and know what that implies. Dorchester County is no exception. This is a big reason why I am seeking a County Council seat, to disrupt the ways of the past in order to build a brighter future for everyone, not just those in the inner circles.

I began paying attention more after moving into The Ponds six years ago, where I witnessed residents being lied to, long-promised lands taken away without reason, future school lands given away to developers, bad deals shoved down our throats all done in confidential meetings with denials from those involved. As I attended more council meetings I began to notice we are not alone. Summers Corner just down the road was in a similar boat. Residents from across the county came to speak about their frustrations and pains to County Council, all too often falling on deaf ears.

This is why I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to represent District 7, to bring a new face of accountability to Dorchester County.

If you want to to ask me about an issue or anything you don’t see listed here, just send me a message and I’ll get back to you.